March 30, 2017

Actions You Can Take

Watch this interview with Jon Ossoff at Flippable and provide support to this upcoming election. He is running for the open seat in Georgia from Tom Price’s move to head up and demolish HHS. This is an important election that Republicans are throwing lots of money at.

Trump has banned staff from using the phrase ‘climate change’! Avaaz is running a campaign to plaster climate change all around DC.  Join their campaign.

With Flynn’s offer to share information for immunity, the questions about Russian influence only deepen.  Contact your senators and demand they postpone any decisions about Gorsuch until we get some answers. Daily Kos has a campaign action about this.



March 28, 2017

Actions You Can Take

Trump is asking for billions of dollars from Congress to fund his anti-immigrant agenda. On March 16, the Trump administration requested an extra $3 billion from Congress to begin funding his executive orders through September 30, 2017. This spending bill requires 60 votes to pass – and we can make sure the ‘yes’ tally never gets that high. Add your name now to tell the Senate to say NO to funding Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

Contact your senator to ensure they stand united in opposition to Neil Gorsuch.

Contact your representative and ask them to support House Resolution 186 (H.Res 186) a “Resolution of Inquiry” to direct Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to provide to the House of Representatives ten years of President Trump’s tax returns along with other information on his financial dealings.

I’ve added a couple of Know Your Rights one pagers from ACLU under the Resources section.

March 24, 2017

Actions to Take

Now is the time to send some appreciation to Democrats for standing in opposition to the repeal of the ACA and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch.  I’ve been using my Resistbot and unlocking new functionality.  I encourage you to try it!



Very prescient – the Washington Post reminded folks about the recurring character, Ronald Grump on Sesame Street.  This is the perfect video to watch today!. It ended so much like today’s events.

March 3, 2017

Actions You Can Take

By now you have probably read about Sessions.  Here is a link to the letter that Al Franken sent to him yesterday.  Please contact your Senators to demand Sessions resign. Kamala Harris has a petition you can sign.

The International Women’s Strike is coming up on March 8th.  Here’s more info.


Here’s a link to an article I thought was informative: If Democrats Want to Challenge Trump, They Need a New Strategy  in the Harvard Business Review.