February 20, 2017

Actions You Can Take

Participate in your representative’s Town Hall meetings.  You can find out when / where at Town Hall Project


While protests, petitions and phone calls are having an impact, I think it’s also important to read and learn how to be effective.  A couple of articles I read recently have given me food for thought.

This article, Washington’s Coup Fever Heats Up caused me to re-think my wish for a quick overthrow.  As David Talbot writes, “I agree that saving America means bringing down Trump. But it’s a revived democracy that must be his downfall — a newly invigorated media, judicial system and citizenry — not the dark maneuvers of spies and generals.”

Van Jones tweeted a link to this article: How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps which I though was very insightful as to the work we need to do to connect with people across America.






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